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 LOG IN PROBLEMS - AVAST USERS READ HERE!! (not confirmed for other antivirus programs)

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PostSubject: LOG IN PROBLEMS - AVAST USERS READ HERE!! (not confirmed for other antivirus programs)   Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:15 am

Oki so yesterday i had this problem:

A) While using AVAST 4.8:

Trying to log in, at the moment i clicked the login button, avast did warn me about possible virus infection. One sec after it caused to stop the login proces, saying that its not possible to log in now (log in srvrs are down or .. bla bla ). After clearing that "infection" i did try to log in again, and again the same problem.

B) After upgrading on AVAST 5.0 (without doing anything else)

Trying to log in, the log in proces did stop, only saying that log in srvrs are down.

C) Using AVAST 5.0, BUT changed settings to see virus warning while working in full screen

The same as A)

If you have any of these issues, dont be scared Very Happy
For me, neither Spybot, neither Ad-aware did find any problems - pc was clear and safe. Only avast had the problem.

Now how to sort that Smile

1.If you are using AVAST 4.8 (or older, slackers! Smile ), read here, if not, skip to 2.

- Download AVAST 5.0 (no worry, its easy, you dont have to delete anything from pc, simply follow instructions Wink )
- Go to Click on "Download new version", should be next to "still using 4.8 version?" (i cannt link direct links, bcs i have it from czech version of site, it ll be better for you if it sends you to your language site Smile )
- chose what type of avast are u currently using, else home or professional edition.
- click on "show free-to-download versions" button(or something like that, should be under the paid versions)
- chose what version to download (if you want full free version, chose the Avast!free antivirus)
- it should send you to some download site, there you just download it

Once you downloaded your avast 5.0, install it. Restart pc after if it asks you so.

2.Once you have AVAST 5.0

- right click on the avast icon on your windows bar
- Click on avast shields control button or show user interface or how is it called in the english version Embarassed
- Click on Real-time shields on left side
- Chose System file shield (should be top button)
- Click on Expert setting (should be on right side)
- Click on Exclusions (back on left side pirat )
- To the open window at the end of the list type *.auth and make sure ALL 3 SQUARES are CHECKED next to it!
- Click OK and than you can close the avast user interface.

Try to run WoW now, should be okay.

I did some searching yet:

Here you have post from official blizzard forum, it shows the way i used + adds two more possible choices you can type to the window in avast if this didnt help:

Here is one of posts on MMO-Champion forum, there are many posts about, here is one where ppl says some solutions, other than just flaming only..

These are where i did find help to sort out my problems, so if any of you are using AVAST and have the same problem, do this and you shoudl be fine cheers
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LOG IN PROBLEMS - AVAST USERS READ HERE!! (not confirmed for other antivirus programs)
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