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 Gathren's Application

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PostSubject: Gathren's Application   Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:35 pm

Hello AooD!

My name is Gathren and I would like to join your guild. I'm a fury warrior at level 85 with a protection offspecc and I've got around 9k dps in fury specc.

I do have some professions. I've got Alchemy and Herbalism. I haven't really tried to level them up so I'm just artistian or expert, but in the future I think I will try to farm abit. I've also got master in Archeaology.

I want to join you because I think you seem pretty relaxed and mature, you're a PvE guild wich I'm looking for and I have met many people from AooD that has been very kind. ( For example when I have asked for Professions in trade it has been low prices etc.)
Times I can raid is weekends and fridays. And some weekdays. That depends. I haven't done so many cata raids so far since I have been taking a break from wow for awhile. But I have been doing some firelands trash if that counts Razz Anyway. One thing that you might recognize is that I really like playing on alts. And I've got a few that isn't a member of a guild yet, so if you would like to increase the ammount of members you can always ask me. Wink
Well thank you for taking time to read this Smile I hope you will let me in it would be really cool!

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Gathren's Application
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