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 Star Wars : The Old Republic and AOOD

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PostSubject: Star Wars : The Old Republic and AOOD   Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:52 am

First of all - i m not leaving wow for tor Very Happy just playing tor during xmass and while theres not much to do during days on wow for me atm Crying or Very sad

So anyway, i know i should made this thread week ago, but i was not sure how many ppl ll even get tor.

The point is, we are currently playing for fun on Sith´ari EU srvr, Imperium side(the bad boys for once Very Happy ).
Everyone is welcome to come and have some fun with us if you dont have anything to do on wow some times.
When u join the srvr, type "/create aood" , to join aood chat channel, if i wont be on wow, you ll find me there most likely Very Happy

But i would like everyone to be ready for raids in wow in time.
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Star Wars : The Old Republic and AOOD
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