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 raiding 25man by sharrona

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PostSubject: raiding 25man by sharrona   Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:51 pm

hi sharrona here.would just like to post on the relevance of 25 man raids and disipline. Whilst we seem to have classes and grps so players get a raid together it,ll gonna be totally irrelevent if grp is filled with random AFK,er and players who leave within 1 hr.
I would say to these people and u know who you are DON,T JOIN, don,t waste the time of ur guild members if ur gonna go afk or leave it is saddening and depressing and a utter waste of time and if i ran the raid i would have ask u to leave and had you replaced with a guild member who would apprieciate 25man.Also i fail to understand the lack of disapline amongst certain individuals who think it funny to wipe or who persist in not listening.Again i tell you don,t join i have had the experience of a variety of guilds and it would not be tolerated you would simply be removed from raid as it,s a guild policy fortunately wolwerine doesn,t play like that as everyone deserve opputunity so why then do you throw it in is face do not mistake kindness as a weakness. I believe even wolw as a limit which no doubt he,ll reach soon it people who attend raids don,t get with the programme Sad
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raiding 25man by sharrona
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