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 ACTUAL RAIDING (summer 2009)

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PostSubject: ACTUAL RAIDING (summer 2009)   Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:02 pm

as u know guys, usualy through summer we are missing many ppl, coz of holidays, vacations and such..

so far, we ll have than these raiding instances:

Naxx 10
- free for all, if anyone wants to make the raid group, go ahead, only watch the other guild raids to not colapse times, PUGs allowed, however most possible we make at least one guild run/week for alts and ppl who needs gear

Naxx25 - proly not possible to make guild runs coz of not enough ppl, but same as naxx10, if you want to make one, go ahead, PUGs allowed but ask officiers first, if we dont have any naxx25 in plans

OS 10
- free for all, PUGs allowed

OS 25 - we have guild run every monday, so if you dont have more 80s, keep your char unsaved pls

EoE 10 - most likely one run/week for guildies, but PUGs allowed

EoE 25 - PUGs allowed, usualy not enough ppl up for it

Ulduar 10 - guild runs at wedn/thu and at weekend, if you arent saved at wedn, ask officiers if you ll be needed for ocntinue, if not, you can PUG it, or sure, if you have more 80s chars geared up for it you can PUG it too

Ulduar 25 - PUGs allowed
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ACTUAL RAIDING (summer 2009)
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