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 Application - DeadXfactor

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PostSubject: Application - DeadXfactor   Sun May 15, 2011 6:48 pm

Hello I am DeadXfactor, and I would like to apply as a raider in Ancient Order of Doom!

I am a hunter Marksmanship is my preferred spec for PvE, and Beastmastery for PvP
Heres my armory link:

My proffesions are: Alchemy/Engineering and my skills .. Well, lets just say they're epic

I would like to join AooD so I can get a consistant raiding team instead of pugging all the time, and I believe that I wouldnt be able to kill the final bosses, and eventually the Heroic ones

I would prefer to raid in the weekends, but if it had to be the other weekdays, it would be sun, wed and thursday that would be the best days for me 19:00 - 23:00 would be good times for me

I have only played seriously during Cataclyms, and I am know at 7/12, and only wanting to progress and get better Smile

Thank you for reading,

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Application - DeadXfactor
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